Finding a Quality Shoe

To understand what shoes are good quality, you should understand the basic anatomy of the shoe.

The Sole: It’s the most important part of any shoe; the base of the shoe where most damage takes place, and most times it’s the first place we look to decide if our shoes are ready to be replaced. The popular choices are either leather or rubber soles. Both are great, depending on what you wear them for… and both wear very well these days.

Inspect where the shoe meets the sole and if you can see any glue at all, put them back on the shelf. It’s not meant to be.

The Heel: A sturdy and thick high heel is less likely to get caught on things, and is less liable to be scuffed. Of course, sandals and wedges have a very large heel and usually form part of the whole sole as a single piece….. great for wear and less likely become damaged.

The Innersole: It should not feel like there is nothing between the sole and the inner sole. There should be some insulation or a small layer of padding, once you start wearing these regularly, if there’s nothing between those two layers, you’ll have sore heels and balls of your feet and your shoes will wear out faster.

An inner sole is glued down, but the best quality ones are glued and stitched or moulded and pressed. You should not be able to lift that innersole with your nail.

How Much Does A Good Quality Sandal or Wedge Cost?

My general rule is that once you pay over $200 for a pair of sandals or wedges, you are paying for the brand unless there is the need for a custom fit shoe. I usually spend around $45 on flat shoes and $45 – $90 on sandals or wedges. You don’t need to be flash for cash to purchase a pair of sandals that should last.

How does Stario Shoes sandals and wedges wear?

These days you don’t need your shoes to be made in Italy to buy quality.  For a while Asian countries provided cheap product that looked good but fell apart after a short period of wearing. These were mainly relegated to the big discount stores so the temptation to buy sandals for $25 seems good at the time. Our shoes are manufactured by Stario Shoes in Thailand – a family run business who have a brilliant design team that create new product styles all the time. They have also invested in the latest manufacturing equipment to provide very high quality sandals, wedges and flats for a global market. We are very proud to be the Australian distributors.

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