Miss Mafia, the international designer from Australia

Today we had the pleasure of meeting with a wonderful young shoe designer. She has been designing shoes for over 14 years and her brand “Miss Mafia” has had tremendous success in the US, Europe and many other countries. Kirsty’s choice of colour, design and high quality materials makes her shoes very unique.

As her web site bio explains, Kirsty was a stylish fashionista leading the way from the age of 5.  Fashion has always been apart of her life.

Being the Career Assassin she was, she started her first fashion store at the age of 18. Her first newspaper article she was quoted saying that one day she wanted to be an international name. This is exactly what she did. From wholesaling to then conquering United States of America, Kirsty’s labels Miss Mafia and Sugar Tease have definitely become a regular name on the fashion front. Responsible for her own Designing and Manufacturing of her own labels, she is well known and familiar with all aspects of the Fashion Industry.

She understands the importance of empowering and instilling confidence within the fashion industry. This ranges from mentoring other creative entrepreneurs to her sending her product to her customers. She wants everyone to reach for the stars and beyond. Nothing is impossible to achieve. Dream. Seek. Achieve.

Truly inspirational……

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