About Us

In 2017, we visited Thailand for a very specific reason – to meet with a wonderful family business who specialize in the manufacture of quality ladies shoes, sandals and flip flops. Their design and manufacture techniques are very impressive. It’s the perfect fit to our Australian climate and our way of life. Stario Shoes provide smart casual ladies footwear that is different.

We work closely with them to bring exclusive designs to Australia.

Stario Shoes Australia always provide unique products. Our manufacturer has over 100 staff. They have reliable delivery and modern manufacturing techniques.

Mary Ann Reeves is Business Director of Stario Shoes Australia. She certainly knows fashion trends and is always ahead of the curve. Her keen eye for design brings to Australia the best that our Thailand manufacturers have to offer.

Alan Reeves is Marketing Director for Stario Shoes Australia. He brings over 30 years of knowledge coming from a television and advertising career that has taken him to all parts of Eastern Australia and working in many different sectors of the manufacturing and retail industries.